Mynd: DGI-Byen

CPH Hotel (3-star hotel) is part of the CPH Conference. CPH Hotel has 102 modern rooms and cosy lounge area, a swimming pool with free access for hotel guests as well as Padel tennis courts available for hire.

You can book a twin room at CPH Hotel at the favorable price of 1145 DKK per room/night, including taxes and breakfast, by contacting WEFTA organizers at and informing us about your name, affiliation, and check-in/check-out dates. Two persons can share a room for the same rate. However, breakfast for 100 DKK/night is charged extra. Please be aware that only 50 rooms are available for this price. First come, first served. Hereafter the rate is 1400 DKK per room/night, and you book by contacting CPH Hotel directly.


Please note: The booking of a single/twin room at CPH Hotel to the conference price is only avaiable until 15 august.


Other suggestions for hotel accommodation:

Wakeup Copenhagen, Bernstorffsgade (2-star hotel)

CABINN City   (2-star hotel)

Zleep Hotel Copenhagen  City (3-star hotel)

Scandic  Kødbyen (4-star hotel)

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